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S24 Ultra Hanging

(Topic created on: 06-16-2024 12:40 PM)
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Galaxy S

S24 ultra which i bought few days ago hangs everyday in the morning after i give a reset it works normally.

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Galaxy S

Hi, that's sad to hear that your'e facing this issue. Please try Booting into Recovery Wiping Cache partition.

If you wipe your cache partition, it removes any temporary files that may be issues with your device, all of your personal files and/or settings will not be affected when you wipe cache partition.

Here are the steps to perform Wipe cache partition.

1.Turn off the unit.

2.Press and hold the volume up button and press and hold the on/off button. When the Android logo is displayed, release all keys ("Installing system update" is displayed before displaying the Android system recovery menu options).

3.Press the volume down key repeatedly to highlight "wipe cache partition".

4.Press the Power key to select. Press the Volume Down button to highlight "Yes" and press the Power button to select. When the wiping of the cache partition is completed, "Reboot System Now" is highlighted.

5.Press the Power button to reboot the unit.

Thank you.