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Samsung keyboard improvement

(Topic created on: 03-20-2022 06:30 PM)
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So I usually use Gboard but I noticed how Samsung keyboard is very nice and fast. So I just had a couple of suggestions that would make me go to Samsung keyboard. The backspace swipe gesture is really handy, to delete words instead of letters just swipe from the backspace key and the longer you swipe the more words will be highlighted for deletion. And more importantly, the quick language switch between 2 languages. So I'm an engineering student and so I have the Greek keyboard installed because I freq. need to use the greek symbols in math (θ, Δ etc.) but I'm also bilingual, so one really handy feature is switching between the last 2 languages quickly, for ex. let's say I was first typing in Arabic/korean (any language that doesn't use latin alphabets) and had to insert a couple of words in English in the text, I would first type in Arabic/Korean, then press the language switch key and type a couple of words in English, and then when I press the language switch key again, instead of going to greek it goes directly to Arabic/Korean. If I want to use greek, just press language switch key twice without touching any keys between the 2 presses (ie press the language switch key the first time and don't type in anything, and then press it again so the keyboard knows you don't want to type something in the 2nd language and switch back to the first).
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This the main reason I don't use Samsung Keyboard.