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Youtube music vs Spotify

(Topic created on: 10-27-2023 11:10 AM)
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Petite question à vous tous. J'ai présentement Youtube Music Premium. Je me demandais si j'avais le meilleur service de Streaming versus Spotify. Selon vos expériences, selon vous quel est le meilleur service?

A quick question to all of you. I currently have Youtube Music Premium. I was wondering if I had the best streaming service versus Spotify. Based on your experiences, which service do you think is better?

Merci pour vos réponses. Thanks for all your answers.


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I have the youtube also and it knows my taste in music. Never used Spotify myself
I searched for John Denver and now youtube plays great 70s music for me. My wife now officially hate Country roads by John Denver but its my favorite and youtube knows it
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Opinion peu commune : je suis passé de Spotify à Youtube puis maintenant Apple Music 😊
Spotify a de superbes recommandations et une superbe interface, vraiment très intuitive. Youtube est plus simple au niveau de l'interface mais m'a demandé énormément de temps pour classer ma bibliothèque (le service Play Music était bien meilleur!). Je suis passé à Apple Music sous Android et iOS en beta et je n'ai plus regardé en arrière depuis (qualité audio avec un DAC audio et un casque d'écoute inégalée!). 20231027_144331_1000027739_1698432244.jpg
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I find that YouTube Music and Spotify are really quite great when I download songs. In most majority times there are songs that I really enjoy adding to my playlists. More than likely they are found on either YouTube Music or Spotify.
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l use YouTube Music on my note 8. It replaced the Play Music app. Terrible replacement. I have a quite extensive downloaded library. Everytime I go to access it, YouTube takes several seconds to find it. Terrible.