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Who's your favourite Marvel superhero?

Posted in: ETC

Hey Samsung Members! In spirit of the new Spider-Man movie releasing on July 2nd, let us know who your favourite Marvel superhero is and why! Don't forget to post in the Lifestyle section with the hashtag #MemberMondays ๐Ÿ‘ Cheers, The Samsung Members...

How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!

Posted in: Others

How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!There seems to be quite a few new members & the question of how to enable the Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles is being asked multiple times per week/day.. Maybe a Pinned Message in a really hard to miss pla...


Posted in: Bixby

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impressed iPhone user

Posted in: Galaxy S

Ok so I see Samsung commercials and people going what phone is that by apple users. I never believed it can happen in real.So last month I was flying to Croatia and I was snapping some pics out of window and was able to use pro mode to reduce shutter...

Posted by: Bing
Active Level 9

suggestion for contests/giveaways/pay

Posted in: Others

To Samsung,I think it'll be nice to have Samsung gift card rewarded instead so we can use it towards acquiring new devices or accessories ๐Ÿ˜ŠLast time Samsung pay had $50 gift card and I used it to buy a $70 case. I paid the difference. I'm past we ha...

Posted by: Bing
Active Level 9