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am I the only one??

Posted in: Galaxy Note

When I try to go into SETTINGS, where it says NEW, I click it then click CHAT SETTINGS and it sends me a msg saying REGISTRATION FAILED, IF SOMEONE COULD ANSWER ID BE HAPPY, this has been happening since the new update came out

High-pitched noise when charging

Posted in: Galaxy Note

When I charge my brand new note 10 plus in my car using a third party car charger, the phone emits a very high pitched noise while it's charging. The noise seems to be coming from near the top of the phone. It's an extremely annoying and intense soun...

Posted by: mr8739
Beginner Level 1

how remove the volume limit on S10+

Posted in: Galaxy S

Someone have an idea how to remove that volume limit on the S10+ (Canadian model)I can't put my volume more than up to 70%And pop up that message regarding the volume limit.Every time i have to remove the cell from my pocket or bag to accept the cond...

Posted by: Cguty
Beginner Level 2


Posted in: Galaxy Note

I have two google accounts on my Note 10 Plus and I don't want one account to be on auto-sync, is there a way for me to stop one account from syncing at-all so the other account can be on auto-sync. I don't want to remove either accounts.

Posted by: 12Birds
Beginner Level 1