Expert Level 5
September? Lucky y'all, my College curriculum is starting back next week!

For my Engineering degree, which luckily integrates BYOD tech in all classes, I will need a few things to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I'm definitely getting a Tab S6 for school. Why you ask, since I have a Tab S5e? The S-Pen. It's obvious I'll have to takes lots of notes. And typing is a bit limiting for taking notes. The freedom of a pen is unrivaled for note-taking. And I always, always lose my written notes somehow, be it left somewhere or the sheet got torn apart or other mishaps. I can't really lose a tablet by comparison. Plus it's easy to go in Relaxing mode with the first HDR10+ tablet display, paired with quad AKG speakers. The Tab S5e's speakers are excellent and I expect no less from the Tab S6.

Next, for studying in crowded places (I hate them but sometimes they are unavoidable), nothing like some noise-canceling headphones. I bought some last month for 500 dollars and I know they will get very useful very quickly. It's so hard to focus with others around and noises and other disturbances. With those, the universe surrounding you is no more. Plus they sound great thanks to LDAC support, which is also supported by Samsung phones (and all Androids with Oreo for that matter. iPhones don't even have AptX!). Or with the trusty old and ever-reliable 3.5mm headphone jack.

Don't forget homework now! Being an engineering degree, CAD (no, not the currency) software is unavoidable. I will need an optimal desk with a wide, high resolution display. Maybe curved too. This way I will be able to work with big CAD designs or have the homework assignments shown on the same display. And the Tab S6 comes in handy too to draw some sketches or contact teammates without juggling with windows on Windows (64). Multitasking! I heard about some curved QLED monitors from Samsung...

Finally there's the central peice of the puzzle, the computer. Being a BYOD class, I'd need a laptop (obviously). My current laptop meets and exceeds the minimum specs of the college (though I doubt an i7-6600U is sufficient for CAD, and a GTX 950M either) with a i5-7300HQ, 1050Ti 4GB and 16GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM. Oh and a 1TB Evo 860 SSD. Yet I doubt this will suffice. A new laptop may be in order. I'll know for sure Friday as it is configuration day at college.

There's some niceties to get too like a smartwatch to check the time and notifications subtly or track my status in hiking class. For that, my Galaxy Watch is perfect! And if your schedule supports iCal files, then it goes in your Calendar app and you get your schedule available at a glance! 

I think I covered everything. That list got expensive really quickly don't you think? But it is what it is! BYOD ain't free! Though it certainly is more efficient.

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