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Hello everyone,
1st I would like to ask a question to everyone if you have a problem with the Galaxy store or a specific app in the Galaxy store who would you Ask for help or contact to solve your issue??? in that specific app in the Galaxy store?
 Question number 2 can anyone tell me what's the difference between a subscription in an app and buying an app????
 Good now since a lot of you know the difference can you answer this :
when WE BUY AN APP AND the terms and policies of that app DONT say OR HIGH LIGHT THE specific AMOUNT/SIZE/TIMES OF USING OR EVEN ONLY download that app ISNT CALLED A SCAM? 
after WE buy AND HIT THAT LIMIT The ownership Of that app that we paid to have on our phones/devices anytime we want turns into an expired subscription and the app is not yours anymore unless you buy it again for the new price not even the old price???