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known atackers for Samsung account

(Topic created on: 12-11-2022 03:46 AM)
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Should samsung have alerts for Samsung account theaves? I think we all as Samsung end users should feel safe with our accounts and even from other apps and their prying eyes and spying on lookers...

in my case it feels that some people are trying to take my most valuable accounts like Samsung and google and outlook...I think those apps should have more and better security instead of being in a constantbattle with taking back my accounts..it's like the person took my one account and changed the password then locked me out some how..I had an outlook account I tried to retrieve but seems I forgot the password and previous password and the app doesn't have a password reset with phone number unless you add a number or delete the number and replace with your new one..if anyone knows of my email ctryistan@outlook.com please 🙏 don't hesitateto notify microsoft, outlook or hotmail. it seems that I let someone use my phone then changed some settings then stole an email from my phone..possibly also shared my contacts to their phone also..in that regard I'm in awww Becuase I losta personal/business account and a Samsung account..my Samsung account was the same ctryistan@outlook.com
and I can't seem to log into that either but I'll keep trying..
I'd like to know whom does this so I can punch them in their thieving face and let them know how I feel about someone whom takes from others with out remorseful thinking. I'll post a screen shot in another post to show my results..thanks for reading and any help would be helpful if positive for both of our sakes...
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If you suspect that your device's / account security has been compromised.

  • Change all your passwords & enable 2-Step verification where ever possible
  • Backup your device with Smart Switch & Factory Reset 
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Hi, can you please provide us the model of your device?

Also, if you think your phone has been hacked, the very first thing you should do back up the data and  perform a factory data reset.

Once the phone has been reset, you should change the password for your Samsung and Google account, along with any other account you had on the phone, like bank accounts, etc.

If any of your accounts have security questions, changing them may be a good idea.

On top of this, you should turn on two-step verification for any accounts that have this option, including your Samsung account.

Please follow the given steps to back up data and factory reset.



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Gotta keep your eyes peeled