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A32 5G, os 11, official, registered, no updates since april 2021, keeps saying no updates available?

(Topic created on: 10-17-2022 02:34 PM)
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Hi, i brought the A32 5G phone second hand from a shop, works perfectly, but ever since got it, not able to get updates. Last update says  April 2021, keeps saying no updates available at all? Need os 12 because medical app does not work with os 11. 

Heres what info i have about software version:

 a326bxxu2aud1 a326bowo2aud1 a326bxxu2aud3

security patch level 1 april 2021



It is unlocked, ROOTED, so friendly, but i never unlocked it myself, or done anything to rom, an have no idea how to alter it, not that i even want to. All i want to know is....

Can i ever get android 12 on it?

An if yes, how, if its not even showing up in software updates?

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You won't receive any OTAs if the device is currently Rooted.

You can either Flash the Stock Samsung Firmware with Odin to unroot, or Flash a Custom Rom using TWRP to get the latest Android version & Security Patch available. 

Samsung Health doesn't work (officially) on Rooted devices, but with Root access, you can hide the fact that the device has been Rooted, by editing the Build.prop

UN-Rooting the device will NOT change the fact that it was Rooted, so Samsung Pay will never work, not even with Magisk Hide, but Google Play should work for you with Magisk Hide. 

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@reddograbbit Unless you get secureboot re enabled, I managed to do it on my old s8+