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Adaptive brightness doesn't always work properly.

(Topic created on: 06-27-2023 07:07 PM)
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This has been an on and off issue for quite some time, and I'm finally looking to see if there's a work around, or a fix. I prefer the latter, if possible. 
I was in the full sun and I couldn't see the screen as clearly as I have in the past. I double checked, and yes, adaptive brightness was turned on. 
Sometimes, if I hold my hand over the camera cut out behind the screen, and remove it, it will trigger the extra brightness. This past time it did not. 
I know there's a extra bright when using adaptive as opposed to just cranking it manually, but it wouldn't trigger. 
I restarted the device, later, and now it seems okay, but this, as I mentioned, far from the first time. 
I would like to be able to get the extra kick in brightness that I can only seem to get using adaptive, but manually.
I hope this makes sense. I'll clarify where needed. 
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