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Amazon Delivery App

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   Hi, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help. I deliver for Amazon. I used to use a Zebra TC57 touch computer (scanner phone) for delivering but that went wrong a while ago and I've had to use my S21 Ultra.  It was fine for about 3-4 months and now at any point of my 8-9 hour route, the app freezes (it is always immediately after I've scanned the parcel QR code in the delivery process) and then stays frozen until it completely shuts down the phone. I've always been in a hurry to get the phone back online to complete the delivery, but yesterday I wanted to see if it would power itself back on, so I left it alone, but it didn't.  I've recently began force restarting to clear the caches and that seemed to work for a day or two but now I have to force restart at least once maybe twice during a shift.

The Amazon Delivery (Flex) App isn't available on the Play Store or the Galaxy Store and it is a truly awful app. I really want to get the Zebra fixed and then uninstall and delete it from the S21 but can't afford to at the moment.

On 15th May I got my S21 replaced for another one because the screen had cracked so my insurance provided another.  I thought that would help but it seems whatever the issue, it has travelled with the backup I did for the Samsung before the replacement.

Can anyone help? 

The only thing I can think to do would be to backup the phone, and then gradually add all of my apps back (starting with the Amazon Flex App - it's called the Rabbit app in USA) to find out which of the apps the Amazon Flex disagrees with...

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Sounds like the app is soley at fault, and likely not any backup settings. Do you know if the app was recently updated before the issues started happening? I did a quick search and it seems that the app is pretty garbage like you said. Maybe check online to see if you can find any temporary fixes. You can start here: https://www.iphonedge.com/amazon-flex-not-working/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/AmazonFlexDrivers/comments/927mri/app_crashing/

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Salut @Oddfrey

J'ai trouvé ça: il existe un site canadien d'Amazon pour l'appli Amazon Flex App.

Voici l'adresse du site:  https://flex.amazon.ca

Une fois sur la page du site, on a 2 choix pour télécharger l'appli.

1° scanner le code QR qui apparaît

2° You can enter this URL into your phone browser: logistics.amazon.ca/app/download-app

MAIS, auparavant, l'autorisation doit être accordée de télécharger des applis depuis le navigateur (Chrome, probablement).

Turn on the Allow from this source toggle on the Install unknown apps screen. If you’re not automatically taken there, go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps.

Bonne chance 😀