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Anyone else experiencing constant shipment date changes?

(Topic created on: 02-22-2023 08:31 AM)
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I pre-ordered the S23+ on February 2nd, and got the Watch5 Pro 45mm in Gray and the Buds2 Pro in Bora Purple.

The three items were supposed to be delivered on the 17th, as promised, but on the day I was supposed to get them, the shipping date changed to a week later.  Okay, I understand that.  Lots of orders.

Went and checked the order yesterday and it is pushed another two weeks to the 6th and 7th.

Went and checked it again today, and it got delayed another week (13-14th).

Samsung has not given me a single email about my order being delayed, as they are supposed to according to their website, and I have yet to see my S23+ status change from pre-order, and the watch and earbuds change from Order Placed.  Everything has yet to be shipped.

As far as I have seen so far, Samsung's customer service is anything but service and I'm not the only one experiencing Samsung's extreme lack of customer service.  It is absolutely inexcusable that others who have ordered the same phone as me AFTER I did are receiving their phones BEFORE me.  I ordered $1500 worth of products, and they took nearly $500 out of my account for the watch and earbuds, and I have not even gotten them in my hand, nor do I believe I ever will with the dates constantly being pushed further and further away.  The earbuds should not be experiencing any delays, because I walked into my local T-Mobile store and walked out of the store with the same set of earbuds (albeit black) the same day.

Just want to see how many others are experiencing this, so if you are, please keep this thread going!!!
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Local T-Mobile store? You must be in the states then.

We might not be able to help you here as this is Samsung Canada.
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My shipping date changed once only - s23 Ultra came 1 month early 😄
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**bleep**... That **bleep**..