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FOR VIDEO / CONTENT CREATORS: Shooting LOG / Flat Picture Profile on Samsung

(Topic created on: 02-16-2024 06:01 AM)
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Hi Everyone,

With the announcement of the S24 Series some of the content creators were hoping to see a default Samsung LOG profile on our video / pro-video modes, however it didn't turn out to happen like that.

However, fiddling with all the settings of the pro-video, we found out that you can mimic your own LOG by doing the following settings.

PRO-VIDEO (Default Camera App)
- Resolution and framerate: 1080p 60fps (its current limitation)
- Color parameters:
* Saturation -7
* Highlights -10
* Shadows -10
* Contrast -10
- Exposure: 0.0
- White Balance: lock it to whatever you need, preferrably 3700K

Then once you capture the footage, try using generic luts to pull out the colors.