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galaxy s23 overprocessing 50 megapixel images in "photo" mode

(Topic created on: 11-17-2023 12:52 AM)
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I don't know what settings I need to tweak to keep my galaxy s23 from processing or overprocessing 50 megapixel images. it's casting a yellow filter on the images after being taken compared to the other lenses as can be seen in the two images. pay attention to the orange extension cord. on the 12 megapixel image, it's brighten up orange from what it is in reality, but on the 50 megapixel version, it's overly saturated and looks ridiculously superbly bloody orange. it also appears that this only happens on the "photo" mode because the 50 megapixel picture on the "pro" mode is similar to the color saturation of the 12 megapixel image on the "photo" mode. 


- picture optimizer (off)
- high efficiency pictures (off) - advanced picture options
- pro mode picture format (JPEG format) - advance picture options
- auto HDR (on) - camera assistant
- picture softening (off) - camera assistant
- quick tap shutter (off) - camera assistant
- auto lens switching (on) - camera assistant
- capture speed > regular resolutions (prioritize speed) - camera assistant
- capture speed > high resolutions (faster capture) - camera assistant

I also toggled all the above settings (on/off) several times and yielded the same results regardless. 

taken with the 50 megapixel lens 3:4 (photo mode)

taken with the 12 megapixel lens 3:4 (photo mode)

taken with the 50 megapixel lens 3:4 (pro mode)

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Having the same issue with my device also . 50MP mode just over processes the image and make the image blurred with yellow tint .

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No help here, just wanted to comment that I have the same issue. It makes the 50 megapixel image look awful and unnaturally over processed. Coming from an iPhone 14 Pro Max which takes superb pictures, this is really annoying. I've 7 days left to return my S23 Ultra. I really want to love it but the camera messing up the processing is a deal breaker for me. I'm hoping for a fix before I need to make the decision.

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Are they even trying to fix this issue??

Even in the latest oneui 6.0 stable update its not fixed yet! Its almost time for their next "flagship" phone to get released and the issues are not yet resolved. Regret buying the phone for photos.

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I contacted Samsung and upgraded my device to the latest version  UI6. they told me that in November they will provide an update to fix this issue. after installing the latest update it  still remains  so I contacted them again and they told me to visit the nearest Samsung service center what a shame!!

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Same here. The pictures with the 50mp lens are overprocessed, the colors are not real at all and it's annoying.  Not to mention that when you take a picture at something that ends up moving, instead of the original photo you were meant to take, it choses what you "want" to see...  

For example, my cat opened her mouth and before the prossessing , it showed her teeth and her mouth half open, after the prossessing, I thought I deleted the photo but I didn't,  the phone just decided that the movement she did after was more acceptable. It's annoying.  

Tried with the 12mp lens and the color kept real to the original and to what I wanted to capture even though it got blurry.

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Having same problem newly bought s23+ images caputred at 50mp destroyed by refining, totally different than reality and too SOFTNESS AND BLURRY than... Cannot to turn off tried everything but loading spinner is there and doing troubles, this should be DISABLED by default. This just making good cameras hardware to became bad!

p.s. in pro mode captured photos looks too dark on shadows etc..its hard to set it for normal capturing... anyway this refining should be removed from normal photo mode totally!