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Galaxy s25 ultra wishlist

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Respected Samsung Team,

I am writing to present a few feature requests for the upcoming Samsung S25 Ultra smartphone.

1. IR Blaster: The inclusion of an IR blaster would enhance the phone's functionality by allowing users to control various electronic devices such as TVs, air conditioners, and music systems.

2. 4K Display: A 4K display would provide users with an exceptional visual experience, offering sharp and vibrant images. Also, bring the refresh rate up to 144Hz while increasing the touch sample rate to 1000Hz. This would define the "ultra" naming since 120Hz is now a standard even on mid-range phones. Considering that 144Hz has been the standard on gaming PCs for a very long time, it's finally time to bring the ultra phone to the gold standard. Even though you can't really tell the difference, it would make it "ultra."

3. Pre-Applied Screen Protector: Pre-applying a screen protector on the display would ensure immediate protection against scratches and other damages, providing peace of mind to users.

4. Dual Chipset Configuration: Equipping the phone with two chipsets would enable users to enjoy gaming at ultra settings and high frame rates, while also ensuring smooth performance for other tasks.

5. DSLR-Like Camera: A camera system comprising multiple high-resolution lenses (400 MP + 200 MP + 108 MP + 50 MP + 24 MP) while making the front camera 50MP or 108MP would allow users to capture stunning photos and videos with DSLR-like quality. I also believe replacing the 5× lens with a 3× lens, as having the higher 200 or 400 MP digital crop 3×-4.9× is drastically better than a 10 MP 3×, and bringing the 10× camera back and upgrading that to 108 MP, which could give us a higher 200× zoom, because for the longest time, we haven't gotten a good 100× photo, and it's the 5th generation of 100× zoom. Give us a 5× 50 MP meanwhile the 10× parascope lens being upgraded to 108MP would make 100× shot look as good as if it is a 20× shot taken by the s24 ultra, and the main camera should be 400 MP.

6. Enhanced Gaming Performance: Offering 16GB or 24GB as the base on ultra and 32GB on the highest-end model of RAM would cater to the demands of even the most demanding games, ensuring seamless gaming experiences. Considering that phones now receive up to 7 years of OS updates and knowing that AI is becoming the future, the 32GB RAM may seem excessive now but will likely become useful in 5-7 years. Technology changes rapidly; for example, 7 years ago, the Samsung S8 and 4GB of RAM were not even considered standard in mid-range or budget devices, except for the iPhone SE 2022, which is an outlier.

7. Larger Vapor Cooling Chamber: A larger vapor cooling chamber would effectively dissipate heat, preventing overheating during intense gaming sessions or heavy usage.

8. In-Box Charger and Fast Charging: Including a charger in the box and supporting 100W fast charging would provide users with convenient and rapid charging capabilities.

9. Give us a larger 5500-6500mAh battery and a slightly wider 7" display for more screen real estate in landscape mode, which would be more S Pen-friendly and help keep the phone cooler. They should also give us a 95%+ screen-to-body ratio. We've been seeing 88-91% screen-to-body ratios for five years or more, and the way to change the design is to flush in the cameras and make the bezels super slim, almost to the point of nonexistence.

10. We kindly request a USB-C port with Thunderbolt compatibility and Bluetooth version 5.4 or 5.5.

11. Give us a small display on the back that could be used as a selfie camera, providing a higher megapixel selfie and allowing it to function as the Always-On Display when your phone is facing upside down.

12. Add an ultrasonic 3D max. Yes, gen 2 is good enough, but it's been around for four years and is industry-leading, only exclusive to S series phones from 2021 or newer, excluding the S21 and S23 FE models sticking with an optical scanner. It would be nice if they could add the 3D max and increase the sensitivity of the fingerprint scanner, only making it glass screen protector friendly and maintaining the same level of accuracy even with the glass screen protector without pressing hard. With gen 2, an instant tap doesn't always unlock; you have to keep it pressed for ½ seconds. It would be nice if they could make it as snappy as ½㎧ while increasing the size and the touch sensivity dreastically.

13. They should make the S25 fully waterproof instead of the same old IP68, such as being able to use your phone when it's raining or underwater. You have to keep wiping your phone in rainy weather to use it, and the touch layer isn't as responsive. We have seen other phones become waterproof, such as the touch layer working underwater or under rain drops or splashes.

14. It's a software issue and could be easily done, but please integrate Expert RAW into the camera app. Merge those two features instead of making it a Galaxy Store app. They should discontinue the app and merge it as a default built-in camera. They also need to start merging Good Lock features into the actual settings. 

The truth is that yes alot of these features are overkill and not a need but either benifits future proofing and defines the ultra, at the cost of $1299 for base you must have extras. I believe that incorporating these features into the Samsung S25 Ultra would significantly enhance its appeal and user experience. I kindly request your consideration and implementation of these suggestions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Hi qwer123, we appreciate you for writing the detailed description of the features and suggestions.

We will certainly bring this to our team for review and hopefully the features that your'e expecting might be added in the future Galaxy models.

Thank you.