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Magsafe case

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I have noticed several complaints regarding the interference of MagSafe with the SPen, and the lack of a solution. I have found a potential solution for those seeking a strong MagSafe connection without any interference. The MagBak case, an American company, offers international shipping with only FedEx shipping fees, excluding duty fees. This case provides 6ft drop protection and a powerful magnet that securely attaches to any magnetic surface, requiring a bit of force to remove.It also has dual layer protection which they added since pervious years s23 series, and has 9 magnets so you also have more flexibility, you have 4 magnets botton top, on both the edges as well as 4 quarter circle shaped magnet and 1 beneath the circle so you have more flexibility to attach more magsafe accessories and the magnets are strong enough to a point where any magsafe wallet though I'd recommend the magbak wallet will double as a kickstand, so no need to buy a stand wallet or rely on the flaps. While it's $55USD it's worth every penny, the UAG morach case is $100 in CAD, the magnets are very weak. Check out the magback store, download there app which always gets you 20% discount and 15% discount from web order and it works not just for 1ˢᵗ time order but that 20% discount applies everytime if not you can contact there costumer service, they are very quick at replies have great costumer service and gave me instant 20% refund. Download the magbak app and order your case from there, it's more than just a case, it's a very strong magnetic case with dual layer sheild, even with that magbak wallet attached the spen works as if it does without a magsafe case.
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That's true