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Phone vibration isnt working anymore

(Topic created on: 04-13-2024 07:23 PM)
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Galaxy S
Suddenly I noticed my phone vibration stopped working. I checked all the settings and make sure they're turned on but I hear no vibration. When I try to change vibration intensity I can able to hear vibration sound coming from speaker but there is no actual vibrating coming from device. I would like to know if there's any issue with the phone Hardware or is this software issue. I have Samsung s22 and I have newest Android version
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Galaxy S

Hi, we acknowledge your query and apologize for the same. If you haven't tried to perform diagnostics in Samsung members app, please follow the troubleshooting steps which might help to solve the issue.

If you have turned your vibrate function on through settings but your vibrate function is not working you can check through the Samsung Members app.

Open Samsung Members > Tap Get help > Tap Start below "Diagnostics” > Tap Vibration > Your phone will count down for 10 seconds. Tap Vibrate as it is counting down to test the vibration

If your phone vibrates normally tap Yes and the status will appear as Normal > If your phone doesn’t vibrate normally tap No > If your phone doesn’t vibrate normally, you will be shown further options to troubleshoot your problem

In case the issue still occurs. Please register your concern in Samsung Members Application: (Open Samsung Members Application > Get help > Send Feedback > Ask question).

Thank you for writing to Samsung.