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Please address faulty USB port S21 Ultra

(Topic created on: 12-30-2022 02:29 PM)
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Hi samsung,

I have personally read at least 100 reports online, not to mention other sources including my job, have customers with the exact same phone experiencing the exact same problem.

Your Samsung S21 Ultra has a defect with the USB port, as it stands a batch of devices USB port begins failing approximately 14 months after purchase, and completely fails within 16 months,

This forces the customers to use the Samsung fast wireless charger in order to have your device be in a condition where it is usable on a daily basis.

Here's a link to a thread just for an example, I can find more for you and provide more examples if you need them.

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With something like 20 - 25 million S21 devices sold, if there is a 100, even 1,000 devices that have a USB port issue, Samsung isn't likely to do anything.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't, I'm just saying that that number isn't even a blip on any radar. 

If any USB port issue was a fire or explosion risk, you would likely get some action from Samsung.

The Note 4 had a documented eMMC failure issue, and Samsung did nothing about it. 

So, good luck with this, hope you get some satisfaction, but I really doubt it... A 100+ out of 20 - 25 million devices... 

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Same problem here.  I have had the phone for about 16 months.  I can only get certain 3rd party cables to work some of the time.  The Samsung ones don't work at all.  This is a pain for charging, and means I can't use Android auto in my car, as it requires a wired connection...