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S22 Ultra problematic

(Topic created on: 05-21-2022 03:07 PM)
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Hello, I have a few problems with my Samsung S22 Ultra 5G that I bought recently, and these are quite serious. The main problems are as follows:


The screen of the phone is slightly blue instead of the full color - you can clearly see the difference in the picture. After taking a picture in a standard format, the result is as follows:


The screen does not light up when receiving a call. I mean - it doesn't flash and does not light up. You only see that the call is coming. I tried to hold the phone for a long time, and it does not light up at all. And even if it did, how can I see the screen in the dark?


The problems listed here are not a few. I asked Samsung support for support, but the only answer I received was "this is a known problem, you can go to a service center". I did this and the technicians do not know anything.


This device works properly only after the installation of a new firmware with a firmware. I tried to find it out myself. You can install it on Samsung's official website for free, but it is necessary to have a computer with a program (which I don't have) - in other words, this solution is not working. Also, it turns out that this display - it's not just an ordinary "blue screen" in which is visible only the background color. The problems are listed below:

Firstly, the screen appears to have become smaller (I have a test device, so I measured). Secondly, the picture and the background color don't match at all. The background color of the pictures with blue color looks completely different. And thirdly, I can not use this phone to watch any video (YouTube, TV channels, etc.). It does not recognize any video on the screen of the device.

It does not blink the screen, it is simply there is no reaction. I tried to enter the channel where the film was watched previously, but it didn't work.

Please, help me solve this problem. If the problem is in my hands, how to fix it?

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Hi, please boot your device into safe mode. To enter Safe Mode, please perform the following : 1.First, completely power off the phone.

2.Then, power on the phone and when the Samsung logo appears, press and hold down the Volume down key.

3.If done correctly, "Safe Mode" will display on the bottom left corner of the screen. If "Safe Mode" does not appear, repeat the steps above.

4.Once you are in Safe Mode, you can remove the third-party app that is causing issues on your phone.

5.To exit Safe Mode, simply restart your phone and it will reboot normally.