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Lost encrypted data recovery code

(Topic created on: 02-09-2024 05:53 AM)
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Hi everyone, I have contacted Samsung several times because I have lost the samsung cloud recovery code for encrypted data. Samsung tells me that there is no way to recover the code. I agree, what I asked them to do was to reset my cloud and erase it completely. Then I could reconfigure the cloud. One says it can be done, another says no, I don't know what to think. Has this happened to any of you? If so, what was the solution?

salut à tous, j'ai communiqué avec Samsung a plusieurs reprise car j'ai perdu le code de de récupération de samsung cloud des données cryptées. Samsung me dit qu'il n'y a aucune moyen de récupérer le code. J'en convient, ce que je leur ai demandé est de réinitialier mon cloud et de l'effacer completement. Comme cela je pourrais reconfigurer le cloud. Un me dit que c'est faisable, un autre me dit non, je ne sais plus quoi penser. Est-ce que c'est arrivé à un de vous? Si oui quelle a été la solution?


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You should have the following options:

  • Forgot Password. 
  • Use Samsung Pass Instead. 
  • Verify with a one time email. 

One of these should help you recover your account. 




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I can have acces to my samsung account. It's my backup file the problem, its protected with a crypted password. it's a 28 numbers code.