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I'm a big Samsung notes fan. I use and follow this app since forever (and S-note before). So here's my pros and requests for this wonderful app.

What I like the most with Samsung Notes
• Looking very good, modern and is fun to use
• Lots of customizations
• Best spen experience on a note taking app
• Best way to collect things form the internet. It's the only app I know that can share content in a note that already exist.
• Always snappy (Unlike Evernote's notes that take forever to open)

But it's lacking of some essential improvements makes it impossible for me to get rid of Evernote and even Google keep.

Features that should be implemented
• Reminders must be integrated in the app. The use of Reminder associated app makes it more complex to manage tasks and reminders. When I'm working (writing) in a note and wonder if I've already set a reminder (or simply want to edit my reminder), I have to leave Samsung notes app, find Reminder app and search in it to find the reminder associated with my note. It's really cumbersome. If there would be a link in my note that leads to my already set reminder, it would be much more easier to manage. 
• There should be an option to embedded images in text. With the new implementation of Samsung notes, text can be wrap around images. Good. But if you edit your note by adding text anywhere you want (like before images), you always have to reposition all your images if you want them to fit your text. I think an option to embedded images in text would really help.
• Bullet lists should offer the possibility to be indented. If I need to take notes with keyboard I always prefer Evernote because I use a lot of bullet (or number) lists and sub-lists. In Evernote you can easily indented your sub-lists and it always looks well structured. In Samsung note indented feature only push your paragraph a little bit forward but it's not well aling. Bullet lists doesn't look like sub-lists at all and it's worse for number list.
• Checklists or bullet lists should be easily movables. Google keep can not be taking as a serious note taking app. But it's doing a really great job at managing lists just by the possibility of moving items around. I don't know if that feature can be added to Samsung notes but it would great. And it must be integrated in notes with possibility to have both text and lists (unlike Google keep).

I know there must be a lot of requests for implementations for this app. For me it's a matter of being able eventually to use only one note taking app. And I would really like it to be Samsung notes. 

Hi, I would like to let you know that we have forwarded your suggestions to the concerned team. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Your feedback is truly appreciated and will help Samsung create a better experience for all Galaxy device users.

I think the reminder is a good suggestion.
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Yes. Reminders. I can still use Memo with my old version of S Note though. 😁