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Samsung Health Feature Requests

(Topic created on: 10-24-2022 10:13 AM)
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I have some feature requests for the Samsung Health app.

1. I hike a lot and one of the most important infos about the hikes is not available: the all-in-all achieved metres in height. There is an info of the lowest and highest altitude but not the sum. As the hike is not always only straight up, it would be cool to have that information as available in all other hiking apps. The same applies for Mountainbiking. The data is already there as it can be seen in the diagram, but the sum is missing.

2. For hiking and mountainbiking it would also be nice if not only the total time of the track is shown but also the sum of pauses so one could see how long the actual track/drive took and how much one paused.

3. In general it would be nice if one could delete data points of a tracking cause sometimes you forget to stop your tracking and the track is falsified then. With a Garmin Watch/app this is possible.

4. There are so many differentiations in the available trainings, but some major sport activities are not available like "Jumping Fitness" or "Skitouring". I always need to choose "other training".

Samsung Health

Hi, we will forward your suggestions to the concerned team.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Your feedback is truly appreciated and will help Samsung create a better experience for all Galaxy device users.

This will help us to improve our services.

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

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Samsung health app looks great so far! i would like to comment here as well.

I'm using Samsung Galaxy watch 4 Classic 46mn recently. So i'm quite new with the samsung health app and currently testing a lot.

What i really like

All measurements and steps are correctly synchronized from the watch to the phone app. I have used withings watch and app before, looks like correct data and measurements as well in Samsung health app.

Synchronizing with other apps, for example; Strava.

The functionality that I really like with the samsung health app is that I’m able to connect my Magene Hearth, Cadence and speed sensors via Bluetooth or ant+.

Together function is usable when you approved sharing data, etc..

On the Phone Feature requests for Samsung Health

1) ability to add your own sportsprofile (just like the wahoo app).

2) The ability to add Bluetooth or ant+ sensors to a sportsprofile (just like the wahoo app).

3) better and more information layout while exercising. Also ability to change the layout.

4) connection with your watch when activating an exercise via your phone, ability to put your phone away and go further with your watch. maybe it is there, i haven't found this functionality yet.

On the Watch Samsung Health feature requests

1) ability to add your own sportsprofile (just like the wahoo app).

2) Sadly I’m not able to connect Bluetooth or ant+ external sensors with the watch samsung health app (for example, wahoo or Magene power sensor, and/or separate cadence and speed sensor), I would like to see the same features for the watch as well. (HR2VP watch app already has similar features on the watch (Power and Cadance Bluetooth or ant+ external sensors functionality ))

3)  Ability to change the layout of sportsplate information during or before exercising (by adding hartzone (maybe similar layout like the FITIV Pulse), speed and cadence, power (watt) on one screen, instead of scrolling down. This makes it easier to stay in the correct hartzone for example and avoid scrolling/switching.

4) Ability to directly remove a training while the exercise still activated (Strava as a similar feature)  (good feature when making mistakes or testing).

I think this addition will also increase the usability of the watch and the Samsung Health app for everyone.