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Samsung TV Q70A Bluetooth pairing crash with sony headset wh-1000xm4

(Topic created on: 12-14-2022 10:51 PM)
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Hey, for around a week or 2 now, I can no longer pair my Bluetooth headset Sony wh-1000xm4 with my Samsung TV Q70A. I was using the headset nearly daily even though it was not perfect, it was working. 

Now, each time I try to pair with the TV, I select the device, and it starts the pairing process just when I think it is working; the pairing crash on the Sony and the device is no longer paired.


  • Open the TV, go to SmartThing's quick menu, and I can see wh-1000xm4
  • I hold the pairing button on the Sony until I hear 'bluetooth paring'
  • On TV (SmartThing's quick menu), I select the wh-1000xm4
  • I see the TV writing connecting, then connected
  • In the Sony headset, I hear 'Bluetooth pair....'. and then crash
  • The crash seems to be the voice staled at the end of the word paring saying 'ingggggggggggg'

The sony works well on other devices like computers (windows, mac) and phones (android, iPhone), so I guess something changes on the TV.

I suspect the firmware 2111.1 to have broken that

Current known sometimes working workaround: 

  1. Hold the power button of the TV remote, so it close and also restarts while still pressing the button
  2. Pair the headset right away
  3. Open Netflix after
  4. I could pair it multiple times this way, but other times, I had to redo the steps twice.

Second workaround (faster than the first, credit to TargetPriority there

  1. Go to setting > General > Accessibility > multi audio output
  2. Click on Multi-output Audio if nothing is appearing
  3. Select your Bluetooth device, then click connect
  4. Audio work in the Bluetooth device

In conclusion, if you also encounter the problem, please escalate it to Samsung support; the more users report it, the more it will get attention!!!!

Reported Sony model related to this problem:

  • HM-1000XM5
  • wh-1000xm4
  • WH-XB910N
  • WF-1000XM4

Other TV model affected:

  • QN900A
  • 90AA85
  • AU9000
  • q800
  • 55Q80A
  • QN65Q80
  • QN94aa

Last update (Feb 3): Sorry guys, I spoke with support 4-5 times, always the same result, they escalated to a higer team said I will have response after 5 days and I'm left to hangup on waiting for replies. Samsung, I lost faith in you, if only you would let my effort knows it is taking into fixing the problem I would consider contnuing buying your product, now I start feeling you are not worth it. This is the last time I put effort enhancing Samsung experience.

On the US post, we are nearly 40 persons having the problem!!!

BTW, support is making a joke of redirect me to a clear your cookie image when I tried to push for more information. This is a disgrace!!

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Yes, on the US Samsung community, I also posted the problem, and a guy named Kohav tried a factory reset, but the problem returned. See the link below; it may not work on a phone since it redirects to the Samsung member app


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On your tv go to settings/general/accessibility/multi audio output. Turn on multi audio output and select your Sony headphones. That's it. The connection shouldn't turn off your headphones like it did before.

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Unbelievable that is actually working as a second workaround. But SmartThing which is way faster and more user-friendly is still broken!!!

Thanks @TargetPriority for that, I will update my post!