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Disable SIM on Samsung Tab S6 Lite

(Topic created on: 09-26-2023 12:04 PM)
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I have new tablet Samsung Tab S6 Lite - that version which allows me to put SIM card into it. I got dual SIM from my operator - I have two SIM cards with the same number so I can put one to my phone (iPhone) and the second one to the tablet. 

The problem is that only one of the two cards can be active. I mostly need the SIM to be active in my phone and use the one in the tablet only sometimes. Is it somehow possible to deactivate SIM in the tablet without physically removing it? When I have both of the SIMs in both devices, my phone does not receive calls or messages - they are received only to the tablet. I also tried to turn on the airplane mode on the tablet but in this case I did not receive the calls or messages anywhere - neither the phone or the tablet. The only way how to receive these on my phone was to remove the SIM card from the tablet.

But you probably understand I don't want to insert the SIM to tablet anytime I need to use it there (I need it there only for the mobile data, I don't plan to call or send SMS via the tablet) and then remove it so I can receive calls on my phone. So is there any possibility to just deactivate it like somewhere in the settings or via some app from google/samsung store? Some setting/app, where I can just able/disable the SIM and it would make the same effect as if I physically insert/remove it.

I hope you understand my problem and help me 

Thank you