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It is my understanding that asking for any changes of the current Tab S7 or S7+ is a wasted effort. As such, since we have a full year, I would like to make one simple ideological request of Samsung for their next flagship tablet(s). 


Please treat the 2021 Tab S8/S30(+, Ultra, Pro) like a FLAGSHIP. 


When I say flagship, I'm referring to the Galaxy S Series and the Galaxy Note Series. There are 3 basic criteria in doing that:


  1. Pairity in hardware with flagship phones. That means the same System on a Chip (SoC), same amount of RAM and same or better UFS memory configurations. 
  2. Pairity in software with flagship phones. That means timely Operating System upgrades (not 4-6 months down the line and after A series phones but only a couple months after the S and Note Series) and MONTHLY security patches (not quarterly, not bimonthly, but every single month).
  3. Pairity in included peripherals in the box. That means including the proper charging brick for the Wattage the device supports, not the QC 2.0 brick FROM 2014.


That's it. I'm NOT asking for an ingress protection rating nor the most fantastic camera system with quadruple lenses and great lowlight performance. I would like the 10 MP selfie camera found on literally every other Samsung device as a replacement for the 8 MP selfie camera currently used, but that's a very cheap component and not an expensive upgrade. The point is, I would like a Samsung tablet that is on par or better in performance than the phone it accompanies. If that means it costs more, then it costs more. I'd rather have a flagship tablet that people can splurge on and get the best possible experience rather than a watered down one to hit a price point. 


You can also look at it this way:


  • Make the Tab S8/S30 (+,Ultra, Pro) the tablet version of the Note 21/30 Ultra/+/Pro.


For reference, the Tab S6 WAS NOT the tablet version of the Note 10/+. It was closer to the Galaxy A90 5G, in that it had an inferior AMOLED panel, multiple RAM configurations depending on which storage size you bought, and they both got the MIDRANGER software experience, as in quarterly security patches and late upgrades to One UI 2.0 in April 2020 rather than January. 


As of now, the Tab S7+ isn't getting the flagship treatment. I tried my best to see at least the 5G variant, likely coming in a whopping $1500+, be treated like the S20 or Note 20, with 12GB of RAM instead of 8GB, MONTHLY security patches instead of QUARTERLY, and get the 45 Watt charger it supports in the box instead of the E-waste 15 Watt charger it comes with. But, c'est la vie. 


I'm personally tired of seeing the S moniker being tacked onto what is essentially A series devices and would like a tablet that isn't less powerful than my phone. If Apple users can get that with the iPad, what's your excuse Samsung? 


That's it. Any users disagree? Anyone want to speak up and say how we should pay more and get less?

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Hi z28camaroman,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for spending your precious time to give us such valuable feedback.

We understand that different consumers value different qualities more than others in their devices. To respond to these various needs, Samsung is trying to offer premium devices that balance a variety of features at different price points – without compromising on quality.

We are positively taking your feedback and suggestions on our later designs. 


I appreciate the comment and sentiment. I am personally of the opinion that Samsung should make the best possible product regardless of the cost and let the market decide what it will bear. The S20 Series is almost the absolute best an Android can be but was considered too pricey by many, so deals were made to make it cheaper or more palatable. In the end, consumers get the best product possible at more reasonable prices. I can imagine that's not what Samsung investors and stock holders want to hear, but I am a consumer and advocate for consumers. 


Anyway, thanks for commenting. I normally share my thoughts on as multiple Samsung forums and this is the first one to call my time precious and my feedback valuable. 


Hi z28camaroman, I am happy that you have come to the right place to share your thoughts. Thanks for the response.