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Nearly June & wondering how Pie-9 is doing?

Posted in: Galaxy A

After the Microsoft fiasco a few year's ago, I learned to withhold System Updates for a couple of weeks. Android Forum's showed more like a month or so for some. Personally I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Canadian model on Roger's Wireless. Before it...

Posted by: Wolf1
Active Level 5

it's the software

Posted in: Galaxy S

So my messages are still coming in stacked.so I went to the mall first I went to the Samsung experience store at metropolis they had my phone for almost an hour they said carrier problem....I then went to the Fido store they tried everything they cou...

After the newest Pie update

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi everyone,I was just wondering if anyone noticed this additional icon on their notification bar after the latest Pie update.It's the wifi calling icon and prior to the update, it only shows when I'm in a wifi call. Now it seems to stay there as lon...

Posted by: ViTi
Active Level 3