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On multiple galaxy phone with multiple headphone, i have this bluetooth issue. Connection stay but i had a lot of sound cut...


I test 3 different headphone. I have to say the pri bblem is more present on my new s9+


I try to change option in devloper options. No more able to have a good mussic session outside in the street.



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Try Resetting your Bluetooth connection - You can look at the Notice if you're not sure how 🐧
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I had this kind of issue with my S5,S7 edge and now on my S9+


I did this work around before :

- Clear bluetooth cache and Stop/start bluetooth service

- unpair/pair device

- Factory reset phone

- Update phone, update bluetooth head phone

- Search on internet and found other people with thiss issue
- Try motorola, bose and sennheiser head phone

I also to play with "devs option" and try : 1.4 to 1.6 verison on phone


Otherwise : I almost use Bluetooth for music so it is important to have a constant connection. The connection isn't constant in my pocket and worst after my upgrade to S9+


My guess is the bluetooth service on this phone try to switch "codec" or "channel" each time or something like that...


I will try in the same time to do this kind of work around :

- Try to test without my "samsung original OEM case" on it

- Try to keep screen on (because OS apps for batterie saver that can interrupt or reduce blutooth)

- Try my head phone on an other phone

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I do more test yesterday :


S9+ with bose qc30 (on 2 minutes walk) --> first try = 21 interruption and second try = 19 interruption

Pixel with bose qc30 (on 2 minutes walk) --> first try = 6 interruption and second try = 9 interruption

S9+ with sen.hd4.50 (on 2 minutes walk) --> first try = 15 interruption and second try = 14 interruption

Pixel with sen.hd4.50 (on 2 minutes walk) --> first try = 7 interruption and second try = 8 interruption


This test show S9+ poor than google pixel and bose poor than sennheiser. So with combination of both poor one ! I get more interruption.