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The key things that I think make the best  App are:

  • Ease of Use - Ability to use the app straight out-of-the-box; 
  • Attractive UI - Interface should be easy on eyes and effective;
  • Battery-life optimized - Battery consumption is kept at a minimum with the app;
  • Meaningful Frequent Updates - Making sure to keep up to date with the latest security patches and get user feedback to provide new features;


Technology has become a big part of our everyday lives. Most of the services we use daily, have account based access and needs a login and password. WIth all the different services, comes multiple logins and passwords to remember. SAMSUNG PASS has changed the way that I interact with the services that i use in my daily life. Be it banking, social media, shopping platforms and web portals, all the logins are at the tip of my finger. Instead of using 3rd party apps, that require me to login again to retrevie another saved password, Samsung Pass allows me to login to the services that I am using automtacally through biometrics. This saves me a lot of time and aggraviation to rememeber the passwords. Since SAMSUNG PASS is a native app, i can trust that my private information is secure through Samsung Knox & complies with privacy policies set by Samsung. This is important to me as all of my private information is stored here. Moreover, Samsung Pass does not require me to manually open the App. This automation has become a big part of my life and has saved me a lot of time and stress. WIth all the cool new phones coming out, SAMSUNG PASS has set Samsung apart from the rest of the competition.


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Awesome writeup @Ameet. I think Samsung Pass is really one of the best apps out there as well. I can't count how many times I rely on my finger print to authenticate login info as it's become such a normal thing now. Great choice!