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I recently just bought a 75" Samsung 4k UHD smart tv and hooked it up to my older Sony surround sound, this surround sound worked fine with my old FLUID brand tv I had but now with the Samsung the audio of programs I'm watching on my satellite or the onboard YouTube or Netflix app double plays or skips audio as if it were playing on both the tv and surround even with Dolby digital selected on the tv itself. I have to hard restart the tv in order for it to play over just the surround sound. I've been searching for an answer on other help forums and can't find anything. I'm not sure if it's a setting on my tv I missed or didn't select or an issue with my audio setup and how it's connected, right now I have 2 HDMI from the tv, one to my satellite box for picture with an optical line from the box to my surround sound, then from my tv to my surround sound for audio out from tv to surround sound. I'm not sure but I think the double HDMI might be the issue where there wasn't one before with my old tv. 

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The way I setup my stuff at home is to run optical from my tv to the surround system. all my devices plug into my tv. I turn my tv sound off completely in the tv's audio settings.