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Hey everyone, 


Really been wanting to create a new wallpaper for the new Note 10 and Note 10+ but haven't gotten the time to get to it until this new challenge! The main issue I ran into was trying to create a unique wallpaper that not only complimented the phone and its hole-punch but also give a new esthetic to the centred camera hole!


Since it's November and I hate the cold, I wanted to create a wallpaper that reminded me about the other side of this dreadful weather, Summer! I went for a super flashy look with the wallpaper this time around and I'm sure it will look great on the vivid screen of the Note 10! All the colours are tropical. 


Let's talk about the contents of the wallpaper, so the main theme was to highlight "POWER" that spreads throughout the screen in big bold letters; originally, I wanted it to go across diagonally, but I noticed that spreading it out that flowed like a zig-zag allowed me to showcase the little rocket that represents the S-Pen!  The little chat blurb perfectly rounds off the left side of the wallpaper and the camera gets a flashy little pop of colour. I found that instead of hiding the hole-punch and showing it off for me, usually resulted in a cleaner look on screen!


So why did I make this wallpaper so abstract? Simple, this is the Note. The Note series is built on creativity and each element of the wallpaper is made to showcase that. The rocket that represents the S-Pen is meant to symbolize progression - The S-Pen went from being a simple stylus to something that is so versatile and remote! The camera has come a long way too, now anyone anywhere can share their moments in high definition photos and audio without missing a beat! Finally, POWER, the thing that lets you know why you bought a Note in the first place, performance on the Note is unparallel and with Note 10, it's the best experience yet! 


So this is the wallpaper, I hope you guys like it! Note10Wallpaper.pngNOTE10.png

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Nice wallpaper!
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