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A21 samsung cell updates

(Topic created on: 11-12-2021 11:27 PM)
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Hi there - I may sound silly - I was reading something about an update for my cell phone -a21 samsung - how do I access the android update ? 
I checked for software update in settings ' it says its up to date . 

Can we stop the logging in when we reboot - i like the finger id touch login - so much faster.

Also can someone tell me why spelling correction is not automatic..... right now as I do this - its npt automatically corecting words- can someone tell me hoe to adjust it in settings please??? It just seems strange that it doesnt automatically correct. 

 Also has anyone located a reasonable in price nice looking cover for your a21 cell phone - thought walmart waterloo ontario canada had the covers - nothing - so disappointed. 

Any help or guidance would be so very nice ! 
Designer covers are gorgeous at bestbuy but over priced .... hassel to get in there early closing at 7pm....

I have problems with the www fongo.com canada calling app freezing up - its a great way to make and receive free wifi calls canada wide and when on vacation but the app has been freezing up if i have been doing twitter or facebook or chrome....i close the apps reboot clear cookies cache still a frozen pbone app. 
Its setup to be 1st for running in the background. 

I sure wish I could do wifi calling in and out with the phone function on this a21 cell phone without being on a cell network - is there a way???? A work around ? 
Please tell me someone ?. 

How do i move files apps to my micro sd card - im trying to keep things happy not bogged down - but its confusing to figure out where the sd card is - an icon on the icon list of the micro sd card - would help so very much. 
I try to move apps not possible - I really dont like that. 

And why did samsung make this cell phone so slippery ???? Big mistake. 
A real problem for disabled people who have limited mobility cant reach to get or pick up a cell phone thats slidding away from themv- did samsung offer any thing to help with ghis ? Its just rediculous re accessability for disabled persons. ON a table sometimes it suddenly starts sliding around if vibration affect is on - scary. 

How can we record the call on speaker phone of fongo - is there an app on the Samsung a21 that will record the talk in the room or noise in the room? Video is not the answer. Hope there is some way of doing it - for medical staff that call about my 90 yr old mom. 

Oh 1 more thing the black on the top left - camera doesnt look right . It looks blurry around it not a clean cut circle - is that normal ?? 

A big Tjank you everyone - stay safe -have a happy weekend from waterloo ontario canada 🇨🇦😊

Are we allowed to leave our email here ....
going to try to ...not to annoy anyone j.m.a@rogers.com

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You shouldn't post any personal information on here,email address, phone number ...
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Thanks for the info - a bit late now lol 😉
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Hi JenFrYrEyesOnly, ​We cannot log in to the device using Fingerprint when the device is rebooted.

For spell check, I suggest you turn on the dictionary in keypad settings. Auto spell check underlines misspelled words in red and suggests the most likely corrections.

This feature can be turned on and off in the Smart typing settings.

If you would like to buy a cover for your device, I suggest you check with the other stores or any Samsung experience store.

Please find the link to find the nearest Samsung experience store. https://www.samsung.com/ca/ses/events.

For calling apps, I suggest you turn on wifi calling and check, if the issue still persists check with the app provider.

To move apps to sd card navigate to settings > Apps > Tap on app > storage > change > Tap sd card. If you don't see "Change" that means the app doesn't support being moved on the sd card.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. I suggest we use a cover also we will take it as feedback.

There is no default call recording app available on phone but you can try installing a third-party app.

For the black dot on the top left of the camera, Could you share a picture of the camera for further assistance?

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Thank You Valeriya for your help - glad to hear from you.
The update notice I saw - would you know what that was about ? The UI or something?
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I ordered my case with the pen for $65 all in on Amazon, currently I'm using the silicone version black , I ordered Samsung license case only, pen is great and case so far.