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Differences in timestamp of media files

(Topic created on: 02-15-2024 10:07 AM)
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Hello, I’ve come across some inconsistencies with timestamps in gallery labs and overall timestamp management of photos and videos. Here is a background of the methods I used.

  1. Webdav server pro
    i used this app to mount my galaxy A70 on ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS. Then, I used this command to make a backup of my phone – find ./sdcard -maxdepth 0 -exec zip -0 -v -r "/home/username/Downloads/test.zip" Then I unzipped the files in the zip file to windows 10 x64.

  2. Right click on android phone and select “import pictures and video” and then save imported pictures and videos on local hard drive.

Android uses YYYYMMDD_hhmmss.ext in it’s filename. I have found differences between date taken, date modified timestamps and the filename.



In the first screenshot first row the date modified and date taken matches the 2nd screenshot’s “modified time” and “digitized time/original time/taken time”

However, in the 1st screenshot second row, which used method 2 to import the picture, the date modified and doesn’t match the “modified time” in the 2nd screenshot. The date modified of the picture in the 2nd row matches date taken and filename as well.

I have 2 questions firstly, when importing pictures on windows 10 using method 2, why does the millisecond from date taken not get transferred to the date modified ? Second, why is the date modified of some pictures +1 second from the date taken ? Please take a look at the screenshot below.




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Gallery Labs, like all of Samsung's "Labs" are experimental, so inconsistencies should be expected.

Not to mention that the app you linked is 12 years old and never updated.. 

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The app may be 12 years old but it still works even to this day on windows and linux. So, how old it is, is irrelevant. Also, Gallery labs, shows the modified date and time like how I would find the date and time (without seconds) if I were to click on details of an image or video. But, the difference is why does importing a pic or video using windows 10 import produce a different date modified timestamp than when I used ubuntu/linux. Furthermore, the date modified almost always differs by +1 second from the date taken for a large majority of files. An explanation as to why this occurs is still not found yet

I even posted the same question on samsung developers and was told that my question is suited for this forum. So i am here asking the same question