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Hey everyone, they finally did it... THEY FINALLY DID IT! Members FINALLY got a Photo Contest! I was beyond excited when I saw the post, and really inspired by a lot of the other entries I've seen! Over the past weeks, I've dug through my archives and finally got a reason to go to a nearby trail I've been dying to take pictures in. As you may remember, one of my New Year Goals was to take a 100 great photos, and Samsung couldn't have picked a better time for this contest because Autumn is pure eye candy. So let's get right into it, All the photos are taken and edited on my Tab S3 and a quick tip for all of you with a S-Pen compatible device, use the S-Pen with Photo editing apps, it's the best tool for precise edits!




The premise of the contest was to show how people interact with geometric objects, and at first I had a really hard time thinking about how to show that, but the photographer in me was like “framing.” Framing a person for a photo well is a very technical process; you have to look at the surrounding objects and lines to get the perfect shot you want. These are a few of my examples.


For this photo, the stairwell and hand railings provided a “path” for the eyes to bring attention to the main subject which would be our person! Location is HUGE for this type of portrait photos; this specific image was taken at Nathan Phillips Square, but it's not where you'd expect. Instead of taking the photo at the core of Nathan Phillips, (mainly because of how busy it was that day) this photo was taken in one of the stairwells that lead to the parking lot! Overall, the contrasting lines and shapes relative to the subject really made this photo look well!8D98B1CB-D570-4F5F-B4B0-0DE7ACC8D5BD.jpeg

Another example would be using objects as props! Things such as phones (no matter the inferiority) provide for great shapes and lines for framing a person within the photo. I also used the graffiti to make for an interesting background! This photo was taken at a casual alley along Ossington (a street in Toronto) and I think the yellow phone adds a ton of contrast with the person and background!


Trail paths also provide for some very nice framing tools when taking photos! The contrasting rectangular slope are great guidelines to bring attention to the subject! Also to add to this, can we just all appreciate how beautiful autumn colours are? Absolutely love autumn colours! This photo was taken at a local trail close to me and I was really fortunate to have these colours available! 3C234F99-2A1B-4211-B947-1F1F11E6661D.jpeg


Streets and Buildings


If you know me, I love street photography! The hard lines and contrasting colours make for some really nice results! For this photo, I use them to exaggerate a typical urban setting, but to still retain that autumn vibe. This photo was taken again at Ossington and I want to bring your attention to the building to the far left as I think this one is very contrasting compared to everything else.D62D4146-C1A6-4B2A-A4B5-98A67D16F3EE.jpeg

You may remember this, one of my favourite photos to date, and I think this perfectly captures Geometric photography, I used the frames of an overtopping window to frame the CN Tower with this dramatic look! The location might surprise you - this wasn't taken directly under the CN Tower because the focal length of the Tab S3's camera wouldn't let me capture the perspective I wanted (no device could) so I went right under one of the Metro Convention Center's enterances and got this final shot!





Geometric patterns are mesmerising because they create a surrealistic tone and for this specific photo, I, really happy how the windows flowed into one continuous "line" up the building! The reason I love this photo is because of how well such a spontaneous shot ended up - I didn't stop to take this photo when I took it so as sharp as this photo turned out, I was happy with the final result. Not entirely sure specifically where this was taken but it was definitely Downtown.





Shadows and geometric shapes are the perfect couple in photography, they compliment each other so well and create a dramatic setting for the photo. This specific photo was taken right under City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square and you can just see how bold the shadows of the pillars perfectly complement the overall look for the photo!


Back at the trail, the Sun was setting and since the trees were covering the light, the small rays that leaked through created this beautiful two-tone effect and lit the face with a golden glow!





Reflections create a unique look to photos as they're entirely based on perspective. Your framing for your subject no longer becomes the camera, but the reflector itself! I used a building to capture a picture of the CN Tower and the seams of the windows created this futuristic look to the final image!ADA2B467-4259-473E-BC64-B0984457F1C5.jpeg




Finally we're going to be looking at shapes of nature! Organic shapes are fascinating to me because they are never exact or precise, but somehow they’re still elegant to look at! At the trail, I took this macro shot of the red leaves. I then edited the colours to emphasize the reds, in case you haven’t noticed yet... I love Autumn!





That wraps up my collection of Hidden Shapes I observed and I hope all of you enjoyed my photos!


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