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Dark theme unaddressed shortcomings

(Topic created on: 10-20-2021 06:16 PM)
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Dark theme, while interesting,  seems like just a ticked mark for Samsung. They haven't spent any time whatsoever in turning it into something actually cool for the consumer. An opportunity lost in my opinion:
  • When using custom themes, dark theme doesn't really answer the call, as it turns everything back to the Samsung boring default theme in all apps and defeats the purpose of having a custom theme throughout your device.
  • Theme developers are trying to get around this by making light and dark versions of the same theme, which seems crazy to me and it's good for them as they get to charge twice for the same theme.
  • The email app seems to be the most affected as it is really dark and hard to read most times. Microsoft has added a decent feature to their outlook app, to allow the user to change the background of the email body back to light so it can be read properly. Samsung is not in a hurry to address this in their app. Although functionality wise the Samsung app is superior.
  • Cannot turn any other samsung stock apps dark individually. So, they don't match when using custom dark theme.
Not sure what's in store for Android 12 ui 4.0, but certainly hoping some of these issues will be addressed. 

My two cents.
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Samsung's "themes" have always su*cked, but 3rd party Themers have done an awesome job with Samsung & other OEMs.

Weather it was Substratum with Synergy or HEX Themes, these independent Devs have always done a great job, even when Samsung tried to block 3rd party Themes, they have found solutions. 

With Android 12 it's looking like there's a new window opening as well. Whether Samsung will go along with the changes in One UI V4.0 isn't certain, but so far with the Betas, Independent Themes are still working. 

The only problematic version of One UI is V3.1.1, but there's still a workaround for it, albeit a more complicated method than we'd like. 

Fingers crossed that Samsung doesn't blow it up with the Stable version of One UI V4.0 🤞




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