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A request to allow users to remove fingerprint icon from lockscreen

(Topic created on: 06-10-2024 03:17 PM)
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I have been trying to clean up my lock-screen, and the fingerprint icon always bugs my eye. Ofcourse, it is great for people who are new to the phone, but after sufficient time, that icon just feels like a clutter...

I know One UI has the option to remove the fingerprint icon from A.O.D. but for some reason, there is no option to remove the icon from lock-screen.

I believe a user has previously requested the same, and was met with a textbook corporate response with no remedy whatsoever.

So samsung, please make it happen, please give the users the choice to select if they want the icon to be shown a) on A.O.D + lock-screen b) on A.O.D after a tap + on lock-screen always c) on lock-screen only d) never (not even on the lock-screen)

It would be really nice to be able to remove it from both my phones, S24 Ultra and my old favorite (before I switched) A51.
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Yes! With all the customization that Samsung offers, it's a shame that there are still restrictions on the things you can do on the stock UI. I want more from Samsung because the user experience and interface look tacky and cheap.
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I haven't bothered to try it, but if you Toggle Off Finger Print from Biometrics & use Face Recognition only, then you may not see the Finger Print icon on the LockScreen? 

Less than ideal, but it may give you what you want? 

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Only 6 digit passcode has auto confirm but 4 digit passcode with auto confirm not there yet, and enhanced processing is missing