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Lock Screen not lighting up

(Topic created on: 12-18-2022 01:01 PM)
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Galaxy S
Hello everyone,

Wanted to see if its just my phone or everyone has been facing this since the last update. Whenever I received a text message my lock screen lit up with a notification but since the last update the phone just vibrates but screen doesnt light up. All it does is pop a bubble (of the application the notification is of) up top with a black background.
I rely on visual aide for any notification and this doesn't help. I turned on all the lock screen notification settings as well the application settings to get the old feature of lock screen lighting up and nothing seems to work.
I do not want my screen to flash as apparently there is a feature to do so which is not feasible in a public setting.

Please help me to be able to light up my screen upon receiving a text message
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Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S

I'm having the same issue 😔 were you able to figure out how to turn that back on?