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Modes and Routines - Read notification aloud won't work with Samsung Health

(Topic created on: 11-29-2023 08:08 AM)
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Galaxy S

I set up a routine that would read Samsung Health notification aloud if specific number of steps is reached (Notification with specific keyword). It doesn't read the notification.

When I set it up just to beep once, it works just fine. But it does not want to read the notification. It reads other notifications no problem (ie Messenger).

The only difference is that the Samsung Health's notification is, I don't know what to call it - persistent. It is always there, displaying the current number of steps, However, when I set it up to beep but instead of "Notification with specific keyword" i use "Any notification", it beeps for every step - which is the expected behavior. Hence I assume what is actually going on is that every step is its own notification.

Any ideas on how to make it work?


EDIT: I have Samsung Galaxy S22 - Android 13, One UI 5.1

EDIT2: just updated to One UI 6.0, the issue still persists