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S24+ Battery drains very quick

(Topic created on: 03-08-2024 11:23 AM)
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Hi all! Been less than a month for my S24+ and I've noticed the battery issues on this device too that Samsung phones usually have. This is a 4900mah battery but it lasts less than 5 hours with literally moderate to no use. Standy alone consumes around 12%. 
I've put all apps to deep sleep, notifications are on for highly important apps only like messages, WhatsApp etc., charging using the original brick and cable, and have the latest security update. Screen resolution is at HD and not the QHD settings, I do not do gaming, but use the phone for office work, Teams calls mainly. Matter of fact, am not even using the AI features cuz the battery wouldn't last long then.
I mean whats the point buying a high-end phone if I gotta conserve battery by tuning down all the good features? 
It feels like I haven't even switched to a new phone due to this 'charging thrice-a-day' issue. Do let me know if anyone else has similar concerns and if Samsung needs to replace these prodction faults. Thanks! 
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Riding the same boat.. 24 ultra and same issues!
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Im constantly getting a minimun of 8-9hrs of SOT with my S24U, on QHD+ .
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On the last full charge, My S23 Ultra gets 26 hours since unplugged, with 8 hours remaining & 6 hours of SOT, with 24% of the battery remaining.

Or 8 hours 14 minutes SOT with 20% remaining. 

I'm using QHD+ 

S24 Ultra should be at least as good. 

The S24 & S24+ would get less because of the smaller Battery, but a lot of it comes down to Settings (brightness especially), and sleeping / restricted / disabled apps. 


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