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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra poor reception

(Topic created on: 09-10-2022 01:41 PM)
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I've had my S22 ultra for few months now, and I've noticed a big change to the cell phone's signal. 
Reception is very poor in Galaxy s22 ultra, don't know if it's just me, but, I've noticed online that so many people are having the same problem with this device. 
I've tried to use different devices such as galaxy S20 Ultra or galaxy S10 plus and even IPhone 12 pro. All these devices seem to have a better reception comparing to my current Galaxy s22 ultra. 
I've changed my network mode to just LTE/WCDMA/GSM from the settings just to have a better signal and that doesn't seem to be doing better, just a slight change, even though I gave up on the 5G.
Samsung seems to be not listening to its customers and not responding to this matter at all.
Any idea how to increase the signal strength from the settings or something?
Thank you! 
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Hi, we would like to suggest you please follow these steps.

Update your software.

Turn off any services you're not currently using.

Change your Voice and Data settings.

Turn airplane mode on and off.

Reset your network settings.

Manually re-select the network operator.

Have your phone checked for damage.

Please check if you have another phone that works with the same carrier, try inserting the SIM card into that phone and test it to see if it still drops calls.

If it does, you may need to get a replacement SIM card from your carrier.

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You didn't read the entire article did you?
I already tried all of what you stated. And the phone isn't damaged or anything. The Sim card is working perfectly fine in other devices.
I also noticed that it's not just my phone. Alot of Galaxy s22 ultra are having the same issue. "You can check online". So clearly, something is wrong with the devices from the manufacturer, either hardware fault or a software issue.
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Hi, if you are still having the issue even after trying above steps, then please backup the data and perform factory reset.

We suggest you to access the given link below and follow the given steps.

For backup your data.


For Factory data reset.


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I have same situation as OP. I was a pre-order customer. Had phone for months and earlier this month signal went to the garbage can. I tried all the steps. Shut down. Network reset. Sim card. Factory reset. Airplane mode. Everything both Verizon and Samsung said to do. I figured, hey, my screen is cracked. Maybe there is internal damage too. So I got an all new phone, and with it, an all new sim card again. Upon startup and software updates I experienced the exact same situation. Last month I had the best phone and signal of all the people I know, now I seem to have an expensive paperweight. The problem is absolutely not the phone. It is either the software from Samsung or the network capability, but since this is happening across carriers and regions, I have to believe this one falls on Samsung.

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Mine is the same. I have an iPhone 13 and Nothing Phone, both get better reception, and both are using similar Qualcomm modems. Could be poor software implementation, but also equally could be poor antenna layout and design or just part of how poor the Samsung manufacture process is on their processor node (Samsung manufactured the 8Gen1 at their factory - 8Gen2 will most likely be at TSMC).
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Zero Issues with my Samsung S22 Ultra reception on Rogers Wireless. Typically I have the best reception of my friends and family with different phones on different wireless providers
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I bought my wife a Galaxy s22 ultra to replace a galaxy S9+ and she has the same problem.


Coverage is far worse than the S9+ with the same sim card, she will frequently experience drop outs in audio when driving in areas where she had no problem before.

This is an unlocked phone on the Verizon network.

I suspect the issue is 5G phones in general.

If you aren't in an area that has widespread 5G coverage, cell coverage seems worse than on a native 4G device.

I noticed the same thing when going from a Galaxy S8 to a Google pixel 5.

Coverage was worse on my new 5G phone than a 3-4 year old 4G device in an area that doesn't have 5G service. 

One oddity I noticed with her device the other day was the signal meter showed almost max coverage on 5G and she couldn't get any data until she rebooted the device. 


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Reception on my s22 ultra (on Telus) is seriously bad.  Many times I can't even get a data connection being outside in an urban area.  I had zero issues with my previous phone (s20+) and the missus has a s21 (also on Telus) and doesn't have the same issues.   Suggesting a factory reset is essentially saying 'we don't know, maybe this nuclear option will help' as it means I have to give up a day trying to reconfigure all the apps on my phone.   

I guess I'll have to try a warranty exchange.


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Same issue, I pre-ordered this phone to replace my S10+, I've regretted it the whole time Ive had it.. I'm with Telstra in Australia which is known as the top tier network provider here, and I can barely get a signal. I've contacted the Samsung multiple times about it and they said they will call me, well I'm assuming they have tried to contact me but its abit hard when the product your trying to call me on has no signal... They seem to close the ticket if they get no response.

I've tried all the garbage testing/reset **bleep** they put out with nil success in reception rectification, Ive looked at forums like the one here and it seems this issue is wide spread with S22 Ultra users.

I get excited when I see a new update thinking it will fix this reception issue as so many others are experiencing it, but no, a security update... I mean its so secure and off the grid I cant even access the telephone network let alone those pesky hackers.

I wish I didn't sell my S10+. I can't wait to rid myself of this Samsung device and go to another phone company, I paid $1650AUD for this and can't even use it as its primary function. Its just a camera at this point.

I've been with Samsung since the S6 after being with Apple, It looks like Samsunk, so I wont be buying anymore products from this company.

I'm done.