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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra the AOD lock screen burn in probability?

(Topic created on: 02-12-2024 02:06 PM)
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I want to ask one thing, on my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra the AOD lock screen if set to always on with background wallpaper, will it cause screen burn in issues? because what I think is that AOD lock screen clock use to move around until S23 Ultra but here in S24 Ultra nor does the AOD lock screen clock moves, nor does the widgets move as well as if you set up a background wallpaper on AOD lock screen that also stay same continuously displaying in a fixed position. I am not sure if there is a different work around to protect screen from burn in issue because Samsung using new technologies like down to 1HZ refresh rate as well as can go Extra Dim brightness setting but nothing is disclosed yet. any ideas? thanks.

Please don't ask or suggest turning AOD lock screen "OFF" or set it to "Tap to Display" setting or anything. I use AOD lock screen on always "ON" setting.

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Don't know if the S24 One UI V6.1 has the pixel shift issue that exists (existed) on One UI V6.0, or not.

Take a few screen shots to see if there's any shift in the position of the clock, Status Bar Icons etc. Then compare to see if there's any movement? 

I haven't had any issues with burn-in since my Skyrocket, so I don't know if it's still a "thing". I also tend to use dark or black wallpapers, and most of my apps are Themed black with HEX Installer... so I don't know if that's part of the reason why burn-in hasn't ever been an issue since the Skyrocket? 


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I have always used my AOD with the Always On feature as well, but with my S24+, I have had to use "tap to Display" because I was concerned about burn in. I've taken screen shots to compare but there is no shift whatsoever in the clock, or the battery percentage or the notification icons.
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It doesn't go down to 1hz it goes down to 24hz still