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Samsung S8 Secure Folder - Data not visible, Apps not working

(Topic created on: 01-10-2021 02:00 PM)
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One afternoon, my Samsung S8 vibrated and got heat up, may be an update. Since then I am not able to use any apps or data in the secure folder. The Gallery and myfiles show nothing. All app accounts like FB, Gmail, linkedin got cleared up. If I restart my phone I have to reset secure folder pin again and again, it says incorrect pin although I am entering a correct one. Once I reset the pin, I am able to enter secure folder but nothing is visible under gallery/my files.  Every now and then the secure folder prompts me to login into samsung account.


Has anyone faced such issues ? Any pointers on this ? Below is what I have tried so far.

1. Restart the phone

2. Restart the phone in recovery mode to clear the cache

3. Re login into Samsung account

4. I don't have secure folder backup so can't restore data from there.

5. Installing a new file manager inside secure folder shows me the files for photos/videos but
they won't open. It says cannot open the file. So, the data is there but seems like corrupted ?

6. Move the files from new file manager outside of secure folder, same issue - file won't open.


Please help here! Thanks.

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Hi TarunA, I suggest you please reboot your device in safe mode and check if you are experiencing the issue. If you are not experiencing any issues in safe mode, then the issue could be due to any third party application you installed recently.