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Mockups, Issues Template and More

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Here's a few suggestions for the community. Details are hidden under spoiler tags because they can be lengthy. Please feel free to discuss them so that I can apply modifications to them. Also feel free to suggest more than what's listed below.


1- Add Night Mode and Landscape Mode (for Tablets) support - App




2- Display all categories - App


Currently, all the categories have to be manually added. I really think they should all be displayed, since it's not obvious they exist on the app.


3- Device Flairs - App and Web


Device Flairs would look like so:Device Flare Style 1Device Flare Style 1Device Flare Style 2.Device Flare Style 2.A post with Device Flare Style 1.A post with Device Flare Style 1.Same but Style 2.Same but Style 2.

Here's how Style 2 would look like on the App. Disregard the cropped profile pictureHere's how Style 2 would look like on the App. Disregard the cropped profile picture
Gradients could be used to avoid as much as possible to have more than one device with the same colour, making the devices instantly recognizable. For the Note9 for example, a blue-yellow gradient is used since that's the signature model. Alternatively, this could also be based on the colour owned by the person. It's up to the S Members team to debate this!

One could choose to display some specific devices (ideally 3 max.) or the system automatically displays the 3 latest devices linked to the Samsung account. This has a bonus effect of directly telling everyone which device the person owns and needs help with (instead of having to ask and wait for the reply).


5- General Discussion Area - App and Web


Some sometimes complain on how certain topics may be irrelevant to the community. And they are right. So, let's solve this issue by having a General Discussion Area. A place to discuss anything, separated from the main community. I borrowed the concept from the France and UK communities with their Lounge areas.


6- SuperUser-like program


While we're at it, borrowing from other communities, I also suggest the SuperUser program to be adapted here. Select members would be granted some moderating powers in case of a troll outbreak in the absence of moderators. It thankfully didn't happen lately but I think I'm not the only one who remembers trolls and malicious users sending inapropriate pictures, spamming beyond reason, harassing and more, often for long periods of time (usually a whole weekend).


7- Community-Contributed Articles

Another borrowed feature. While the current implementation (FR, disregard the Contest, focus on the article itself) elsewhere is limited to one person per article, I really could see a lot of use for wiki articles here. These articles would be separated from the community and have a more flexible format like the aformentionned article, more suitable to write detailed publications. Like the thing I was writing about a few weeks back but got erased due to the app freaking out when a keyboard is attatched/detached? I doubt it would work without articles (I was going to write detailed articles on computer security and Pro Mode camera if you wonder). I saw settings for this on the web community settings so I think it's possible to do it.


It's very important that only Expert members can edit those wikis. Again, this forum isn't immune to trolls and it's far too easy to reach the "Active" level (saw new trolls get to this within a DAY).


8- Suggestion Area - App and Web


This area would be dedicated  to suggestions. Members could share and discuss suggestions made to Samsung products and services in one place, and each suggestion would have a clear indication of their status. It would go like so (like the Microsoft Feedback Hub):

*- Suggestion Received. We have received your suggestion.

#- Suggestion in Review. We are reviewing your suggestion.

X- Suggestion Cancelled. We determined we cannot implement your suggestion (ideally provide a reason like "Out of our control", "Impossible to implement", "Infringes on intellectual property", "Violates laws, regulations or agreements" ect...)

&- Suggestion Accepted. We determined your suggestion could get implemented in a future release.

!- Suggestion Implemented. Your suggestion has been implemented. Thank you!
(the *#X&! are placeholders. Proper icons will be used, not shown below)

Here's how it would look on the appHere's how it would look on the app
I replaced the heart/like icon with a light bulb to be thematic. And when you tap it, the icon turns yellow. If needed, additionnal comments could be added along with the current Suggestion Status.

Ideally, there would also be a pinned list of sucessefully implemented suggestions, to show that everyone's suggestions aren't being ignored. It would be in its own category: Suggestions. It would have a distinctive UI to show suggestions as their status evolve (I see that as having the posts' backgrounds on the category overview to be colour-coded according to their status.)



9- Signatures and Bios - Web and App 


Signatures are self-explanatory. But for bios, I don't mean the critical computer software. I mean having an area on the profile dedicated to one's presentation. You may also add a banner image. Here's how it would look:

The app's enhanced profileThe app's enhanced profile

Since the bio would be a pretty important part of the profile, I think it should be allowed to be in colours. That's the point of OneUI's Focus Blocks (that's how the bubbles are called)!


10- Pinned posts shown in "All" - App


There are currently three pinned posts, the Favourite Athlete in honor of the Raptors making it to the NBA finale (and winning it), the FAQ and the Mobile Data QS Tiles restore. They show as pinned on both the web and the app. However, only on the web they are shown proiminently. On the app, you must navigate to the post's subcategory (like you must get to "Others" to see the Mobile Data restore post). So I suggest the app has the same behaviour as the web by showing pinned posts on the "All" section as well.



I just wanted to say that in FR, the "Accessibility Help" button at the bottom of the web community is actually translated to "Admissibility Help" (Aide d'admissibilité). It really doesn't suggest this links to information about web accessibility. I suggest that it gets renamed to "Aide d'Accessibilité" or simply "Accessibilité" since most FR websites put their accessibility info under this name, including governments.



Also the "solution" doesn't show on the web. You can see which questions/threads were solved but not what. I suggest the solution is proiminently shown at the top of the thread separately (like MS does) and that the post itself also gets a "solution" tag like the app.



--- For some reason I can't seem to be able to add more images. I'll try again later. I must add some for suggestions  #1, 4 ,8 (Web,Suggestion hub), 9 (Web)