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Winter... ❄️

(Topic created on: 11-06-2019 05:14 PM)

Don't like you, Winter.

Shocker, I know, but I absolutely dread the cold season :(

I hate having to spend 20 mins getting ready and 20 mins taking off all the heavy equipment just to make it through the cold. Toronto's winter season earlier this year was overall, pretty irregular - February was -10 at the start and -30 at end 😂. More then anything, I hate the blandness of the season for two reasons.

For one, everything is lifeless and in no way shape or form helpful for my creativity. My photos and illustration rely on very vibrant and lively colours like Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red, but Winter... Grey, White and hints of Blue, no fun at all!

Another reason would be the general activity of people, animals and colours - nothing is moving, the beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves are grey and animals are in hibernation season so nothing interesting ever happens for me to take pictures of!

Even after this, I have one good thing about Winter, I love the challenge it gives me - it's so hard to find ways to take good pictures in harsh weather and to even find subjects for them, but that constant challenge is so motivating for the lifeless season as it is. Here's a picture of the impending doom of snow 👀