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Samsung Health Android app no longer displays steps on phone lock screen / home screen

(Topic created on: 01-29-2023 05:07 PM)
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Hello! My Verizon based Galaxy S21 with Android 13 with latest patch G991USQU5DWA8 update as of 29 January 2023 and Samsung Health app version no longer displays my step count on the lock & home screens of the phone. Instead of display the step count all it displays is "Samsung Health started." The step count was visible up until a few days ago but I can not determine what has changed. Can anyone help me to get the step count to display on the phone lock & home screens? Thanks!


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I've lost all my step data from 2018. I tried restoring from the cloud and it doesn't work. I can see the exercise data though, along with weight etc. Any suggestions?