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Suppressed WhatsApp call notifications inside Secure Folder gets displayed while using Android auto

(Topic created on: 02-07-2023 05:01 AM)
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Secure Folder

Hello everyone! I've configured Secure Folder in such a way that I can make use of my second WhatsApp in stealth mode. To achieve this, I've turned off all related app notifications inside Secure Folder settings > Lock and security > Notifications and data > App notifications > WhatsApp as well as In-app notification settings. In previous version this worked as expected; that is even the phone is connected to Andriod Auto it never revealed incoming WhatsApp call on-screen while I'm driving. However this default behavior is now changed and causing incoming call notifications displayed on Screen! Another flaws is that it now also adds an entry to call log. Please address this for me and potentially for everyone who prefers to mute all type of notifications while using an app inside Secure Folder.


P.S. I'm using is Samsung A70s