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Why won't you bring back "Contacts and Calendar" options

(Topic created on: 08-25-2021 03:09 PM)
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Come on Samsung, what is wrong with you? Bring back the "Contacts and Calendar" feature to share in and out of secure folder!

Has not been an option since S20/Note20 and this was an important feature to me (and other users too) so bring it back!

You updated secure folder now to have a 4 icon wide grid instead of 3 but you still couldn't fix this feature?

I've said it and I'll say it again. Too many issues and lost features or other bs (like ads in your own apps which is great it will be removed but too little too late since still so many other issues) so I'm looking forward to the Pixel 6 Pro and hopefully Pixel Watch.

You were once great Samsung but now I see why you've been losing ground to other phone makers in different regions. Overpriced garbage now like Apple.