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Second Screen feature

(Topic created on: 04-08-2024 06:45 AM)
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So I've been using Galaxy Tab S9 for 3 weeks-ish, and it has been a huge upgrade from Galaxy Tab S6 lite 2022 or iPad Pro 11" 2018. It is a good pair with my phone as well.

One thing which came to my mind is second screen feature - it is indeed helpful to have another screen for the laptop, but here are few things that I want to see in the future.
1) 16:10 support - currently second screen supports only 16:9, leaving some black boxes around the screen. While many laptop monitors are still 16:9, it would be nice to see 16:10 screen fully used by second screen feature.
2) 120Hz support - it seems like the feature is locked at 60Hz maximum. Since the tablet has 120Hz display, it would be nice to see 120Hz display for the tablets with 120Hz displays. If latency and/or bandwidth is the concern, it could be solved by using USB-C cable to enable 120Hz. While it is not wireless, it is still better than nothing.

If you need some experiment, you can add it to Good Lock feature for One UI 6, then enable it in One UI 7 or later. Good Lock has served a good testing platform for new features and feature additions, so it would be a good route to test such things out.

Otherwise it seems good so far! Would be nice to see One UI 6 beta here, but I guess I can only dream for now.
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Self-answering 1) - gotta check this app out: https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9pltxw5dx5kb?hl=en-mt&gl=MT