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Very Urgent: Need to revert to previous Wear OS version!

(Topic created on: 12-23-2022 04:55 PM)
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Hi, first post in a while.
All I need to know is how to safely revert my Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to previous AVI4 version from current AVK6. I've done this multiple times on the phone and personally never update my phone, my windows pc or pretty much anything in the past 2 years since Samsung, Microsoft etc pretty much always take away features instead of adding them since they already have everything ahead of Apple and now the only thing left is to add this bit of so-called security by trimming and locking down their software these days.

Anyways, I might have been out of my mind to update to latest wear os version on my Watch 5 Pro thinking it would enable the new temperature sensor drivers but instead it secretly got rid of my custom ringtones on my watch. Now that's no biggie since a few adb commands is all it took to re-enable them. But now I noticed that my favorite bubble cloud wear watch face no longer auto updates live weather or show the accurate phone battery percentage on my watch. And that according to developer is cause Samsung changed how background processes are handled in new AVK6/7 firmware which breaks that. And that which I have been using I can not fix. So simple solution downgrade software and add watch 5 pro as my other device to no update list! After all, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. So yeah sorry for long post, just want to know how to go from current AVK6 to previous October AVI4 cause everything there worked perfectly for me but I couldn't find any concrete info about it on xda and since it's samsung watch, Samsung forum is better I think.

Thanks in advance.
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It looks like, there is no option to roll back to the previous version.

Instead, Samsung should look into this matter and release another to fix the problem.