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I updated my password on google for one email and my internet provider for the other email. When I try to use the Samsung email app it wont work because if authentication error or password proble. How do I get the samsung email app to work again? I c...

How to hide sensitive files

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Everyone has the odd photo they’d prefer to keep private, a sensitive file that they don’t want others to see, or a game or app they’re embarrassed about. Samsung enables you to hide your shame with Secure Folder. To use it simply drag down the notif...

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Bonjour j ai reçu 2 message ce matin qui m indiquais que j étais victime de **bleep** .chose que je n ai pas cru sur le coup mais oui en fait c étais vrai. Je m en suis rendu compte juste une fois que j ai été voir mon compte. J ai donc supprimé trop...

Secure Folder Notifications on Schedule

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I use secure folder for work...primarily for work emails. I think a neat feature would be to allow secure folder to only show notifications based on a schedule. Meaning when im at work between 8a and 4p Monday to like to receive notificati...

Secure folder saving on samsung servers? Resolved!

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Files on secure folder cannot be accessed if the Samsung account is removed from the phone. This suggests that the files and applications are storeded on Samsung servers. Is this the case? If not why is it not possible to access files or applications...

hi guys

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If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it Google team sent me a message saying that my gmail account will be deleted and to remove all my content from the account if someone can tell me how to stop my account from being deleted please I have...

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