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Bonjour tout le monde,Comment peut-on allonger la sonnerie sur le cellulaire Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ?Et quel est le maximum de temps qu'on peut... View Post


Vous devrez contacter votre opérateur, ce n'est pas quelque chose que vous pouvez changer vous-même. View Post

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Why do I keep getting texts from 5415  saying access to GSTORE has been renewed I never signed for this? Is this a scam??? View Post


Sounds like spam message. Block it if you are sure never signed. View Post

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My husband up graded his phone and now the chat feature and sending pictures of our son soccer game won't go through any help would be great. View Post


Is your data on as well? View Post

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Hi there I hope someone can help me. So since a recent update in May I can still listen to my music on my phone through my car however my car... View Post

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The s21 series will finally get an update and it's not July security patch but June's one with Fido View Post


June update in mid July. Unreal but also expected in Samsung Canada land View Post