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What to do with my Note 8

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I just preorder S21 Ultra because not it comes with S Pen functionality. Now I'm confused on what to do with my good ol' Note 8. It will be the last Note series I owned. Sell or keep it?

Posted by: bett3r
Active Level 6

S20 FE 5G U.I. 3 update

Posted in: Galaxy S

Folks, I see the S20FE being updated to Android 11 in many regions globally. When is this going to happen in Canada?Anyone with inside info from our great carriers?

Posted by: inYYZ
Beginner Level 2

New cat easter egg

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi all, first time asking a question here, which is how do you access the new Neko Cat easter egg? I still have the regular power button menu on my Note 20 Ultra, but I do have the Android 11 update installed