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Can you see the difference ?

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I update this subject on Friday March 31 , 2023...TO see my conclusion please read the conclusion at the end of this post...I also included new photos... 
Thank to @Samsung_Ben to refer to this article on the Weekly articles of the Community .
I took this picture with 2 differents devices...Samsung 23Ultra and the new Canon R7 with a professionnal lens Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS II USM . Due to the APS-C sensor, you have to multiply 400mm X 1.6 to get the right focal lens...400 X 1.6 = 640mm...
Canon R7 + 1 lens Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS II USM= R7 Regular price 1999.99 + lens 2,999.99 + taxes = $ 5,750.00
Samsung S23Ultra Regular price $ 1,709.99 + taxes = $ 1,966.50 and you have 4 lens
To get the same result, i zoomed at 30X on my S23 Ultra and as you can see, those pictures looks the same. So we can say that 30X is the equivalent of a 640mm lens...BUT, if you enlarge the Samsung's picture, you will see some BLUR and it's only because the photography's rules haven't be respected on my S23U...
So, if Samsung resolve this problem, i can be sure that i won't need anymore to bring with me my Canon with this heavy lens...the BLUR is there only because the picture wasn't took at the right speed to FREEZE the movement...Pictures were took at 4:3 format on both devices but at 32,5MP on the R7 compare to the 12MP on the Samsung zoom lens . (this will make a big difference if we want to CROP the image...)
If you want more information about this, please check the following post :
OH! i forgot, this was a picture of a great horned owl but he turn his head just one second before i click on the Shutters...and he never look at me again...SORRY
This is the picture took by the S23Ultra 
And this is the picture took with the R7
You can see the difference when you enlarge the picture and compare...You can see the difference when you enlarge the picture and compare...
Few days before, i took this picture ...next time i will take it with my S23 Ultra hoping that the speed will be OK ...this is what i told Camera Assistant to do, priorize speed not the quality picture...:if the speed is faster, the picture will be OK...(I hope)
This is the picture i tried to take on both devices, we can see one eye :Cassidy_0-1679942344365.jpeg
I'd like to know in which Modes that the settings i put in Camera Assistant will works... Maybe that the Moderators or @Tallman can help me on this ? Does this will work in all modes or only in one mode ? Tell me ! The Camera Assistant informations are in English and i have difficulties to understand technical English..
Cropped image from the 32,5 MP' sensor of the R7
Cassidy...Amateur wildlife photographer
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Cool pics 📸
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Great article and pictures .
Great job Cassidy 👏👍
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Don't forget to read my conclusion at the end...you will be surprised !!!
Today, March 31...On this Friday ,on my daily walk, i check if i can see again the great horned owl to make some pictures of him but when i saw him, i decide to male some other tests...So these are new pictures took with both cameras and i give you my final impression about this...
First, like it was not my goal to do some other tests, i didn't put both of devices in tha same Format's pictures...On my Canon, i'm always at 3:2 and on Samsumg i am at 3:4
Picture 1 took on Canon

Like this picture was took on a 32,5MP sensor, you can enlarge it more than the Samsung picture took with a 12MP...
So, i decide to redo the picture's Format in Adobe and it gives me this : (like it's a cropped imge, the picture can be a bit bigger...please refer to the first one to see the exact size of the picture...

And now, the Samsung's picture took with the 12MP sensor at 30X

As you can see, the Samsung image is great....BUT...it was not took at the right speed and i tryed many thongs to het it...i will examine some other picture that were took at teally good speed for wildlife but on those, it is incorrect and this is what cause the BLUR of our images...(nothing else)
1- Speed is not correct for wildlife photography even if i told Camera Assistant to make the priority on the speed and not on the image quality..Understand that if the picture was took at the right speed the picture can't be ugly...
A- On any Reflex like my 90D, you can't see the final result until you put it on your computer/smartphone and adjust the luminosity with application like Lightroom or else..
B- On a mirrorless like my Canon R7, you need to go to really slow speed to see the scene like on yoyr S23Ultra...And as soon as it's a little dark outside and/or if you don't have a sunny day, you wont see nothing on a CANON device even if the sensor is stabilized, nobody can't take a picture at 1/4 second without shaking...this would result in a Blurry picture like we have on the Samsung S23 Ultra device because the speed is too slow..
C- The good news, it's that you can see the scene better on the large screen of your S23ultra device only by playing with the luminosity cursor...You can't find it ? Try this...Touch on the screen where you want to make the focus...If you let your finger on the screen for 1 or 2 second, you will see the cursor for the luminosity...JUST ADJUST IT TO SEE CLEARLY THE SCENE WITH THE LUMINOSITY YOU NEED TO TAKE THE PCITURE and take the picture, you will see the result before clicking on the SHUTTER and this is why i prefer the S23Ultra for better seeing of the big bird on a big 6,8 inches screen compare to a 1 or 3 inchs for the Canon...
D- Last thing : please Samsung, give us a bigger file than 2 megabytes AT 30x it's not enough to see CLEARLY all the details...A 5 Megabytes file will be acceptable...not less !
I hope that @Samsung_Ben will talk to the developpers about this problem....It's a little thing to do to let us decide of the speed when we are at 10X or 30X to be conform to the photographie's rules...
On my side, i will make a lot of tests to understand WHEN the device give me a FASTER speeed in conformity to the Camera Assistant settings that say that i want FASTER SPEED and not a quality photography..

I hope that @Kuriouskiwiphotos will help me to check with which lens or format that the speed is FAST after enable it in Camera Assistant because NOW i prefer my S23Ultra to my other Cameras when it's not a sunny day...I hope that in the future, Samsung will give us a minimum of 20MP for all lens..Cassidy_0-1680313212562.jpegCanon  R7 32.5 MP sensorCanon R7 32.5 MP sensorSamsung S 23 Ultra 30 XSamsung S 23 Ultra 30 X1/148 second is not fast enough for everything that moves includind childs...cats..etc Please repair that ..1/148 second is not fast enough for everything that moves includind childs...cats..etc Please repair that ..
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Again, the great horned owl turned his head when i took the Samsung's device...Sorry, i think he is a FRUIT customer...A*p*e...
The following picture was what i tried to shoot
Edited in Photoshop Elements 2022 for photographerEdited in Photoshop Elements 2022 for photographer
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Always good info .. thanks Cassidy!